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Psycho-semantics of Color
Definitions of Color
The evolution of the color vision
In what did make mistakes Newton?

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Colors - these are the primary sketchinesses of matter. - Zenon                              

The first question, which appears in the mind of clever person, is such: what there is in the sound and the color, which does appeal to the man? - Khazrat Innayat Khan

Colors -  is  acts and the passive states of light. - Goethe


On the site are placed more than 2 mb of text information (in Cyrillic) on psychology of color, accessible for the acquaintance and download.

The materials of site have, in essence, theoretical - research directivity.

For whom is this site? For all, who are interested in psychology of color. For those, who believe that the color - is real, that it is an objective phenomenon, the property of the world surrounding us, the part of given birth to us Mother- Nature, the part of our soul.  

This site also for those, who do not believe in the fact that the color exists. This is - the attempt to convince them of the reverse!

What it is possible to find on the site? This is scientific and educational resource. To the site are uploaded my basic scientific works (list- 21 K) on psychology and psycho-semantics of color. The content of site is organized on the themes, which reflect my understanding of the problem.

Prospects: in the course of time, I plan to publish the complete text of doctoral thesis within the divisions and the reworked chapters from the monographs. In addition, in the course of time, in the material the interesting illustrations  will appear.  

  Attention! The majority of materials are placed in the uncompressed state in the form of separate web pages. This increases the time of their loading.

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Passages according to the references are improved. Now text is loaded in the new copy of browser.

28.07.03.Appeared new reference to the site of color psychology of B. Bazyma.

21.07.03.Is improved the content of headings FAQ.

20.07.03 on the site appeared the guest book and the possibility of search.


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