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Author: Yan'shin Peter Vsevolodovich. Three times finished the department of psychology of MSU  M.V.Lomonosov: for the first time as a student (specialization: clinical psychology and neuro-psychology), for the second time - as Candidate of Sciences ("Psycho-semantic mechanisms of Drawing projection"), for the third time - as the doctor of the psychological sciences (see author's abstract " The psycho-semantic analysis of the mechanisms of the categorization of color in the consciousness of subject " (174 K).   

                     Curriculum Vitae

Psychology of color - my scientific enthusiasm. Once, having  interested in color, I became considerably educated, learned much new about the man and the world and, as a result, protected doctoral thesis. But the theme of site - not my persona, but Color . I write this word from the capital letter.

If you read this page, consequently my virtual address in the WEB is known to you. Physically my body larger time is located in the range of city Samara. Printing these lines, I see from the window the river Volga. Rest in me - as in all.

I will be very glad to obtain opinion to the materials of the site and site itself. In the guest book or by the e-mail. Any observations and proposals will be accepted with the appreciation.  

In the archive of site the place for your publications in psychology of color always will be available!

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