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  Interesting resources of internet on the problem color

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Site of color psychology "Color and psyche" by Boris Bazyma. The author interested in the same problems as me, but with the large incline to the side of the use of a method of color selections (Lusher-test) in psycho-diagnostics.  I recommend it to those, who seriously deals with psychology of color.

Excellent site in English language, dedicated to depictive laws governing the color in the design with the account of the most common theories of color perception. Mass of practical illustrations on the uses of a color in the WEB- design.

Excellent site in German language, dedicated to the theories of color perception (Goethe, Mansell, Itten)

Site in English language, dedicated to the color system of Mansell.

Ocasionaly stumbled on this text. Deeply did not investigate, but something about the symbolism of color in astrology...

Table of the characteristics of the colors  

This is one of the pages of site "", that contains two of very curious and meaningful tables of the influence of color on the man. I recommend to become acquainted with. In addition to this on the site there are still several pages, dedicated to Color.

It is simple the article, dedicated to color in the advertisement from the periodical "Marketing in Russia and abroad ".


Powerful resource in psychology, where it is possible to find something on the color.

Psychology of color

Page of site "kitiara-arh.aru". Site itself is dedicated to Celtic civilization.

Tons of books. In essence - not about the color; -)

One of the resources of Runet in psychology. There are sufficiently many articles on psychology of color; the long

 Kardi Teknomo

Kardi Teknomo's Page provides free tutorial on basic knowledge of interesting mathematics, programming and machine intelligence that could be very useful for  color research.

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